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Billy Joel’s ‘The Nylon Curtain’ To Be Reissued As SACD

On October 2, people who own SACD players (or who have PS3s with SACD capability) and are serious Billy Joel fans will be treated to what may be the definitive sound version of the classic album The Nylon Curtain, considered by many fans to be a masterpiece in his catalog. The album spawned several hits as well as several intense FM staples during its time on the charts.

Originally released in 1982, The Nylon Curtain delivered “Allentown,” Billy's scathing notation of the demise of the steel industry, and made this song a theme of manufacturing losses in the U.S. Another song, “Pressure,” also entered into the charts. However, The Nylon Curtain is also noted for the stunning “Goodnight Saigon,” a track that spent as much time on the FM playlist as the previously mentioned two singles did on the AM Top 40 radio charts.

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