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Billy Joel Dublin Concert Called An ‘Unforgettable Show’ – View Photos And Set List

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Billy Joel offers an unforgettable show, and his first Dublin date in seven years is well worth every penny. But please, Mr Joel, don’t leave it so long next time.

… “She’s Always a Woman” gets a great swaying and singing reaction, while “Scenes From an Italian Restaurant” is a magnificent, multi-act epic. But it’s a spine-tingling rendition of “Piano Man” that is the highlight. It really felt like an “I was there” moment as a sea of waving arms and raised voices greeted one of the finest songs ever put to wax. It would be a suitable close to any show, but as he and the band exit, we know there’ll be a return.

For the encore, Billy the storyteller behind the piano is replaced by Billy the rocker, guitar over his shoulder. “We Didn’t Start the Fire” sees the O2 hopping before the Elvis-like theatrics of “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me.” Joel takes his place back behind the piano for “You May Be Right” before “Only the Good Die Young” closes the night. Joel stands up from the piano before dropping to his knees in exhaustion; but it’s no more than a hint of James Brown-esque showmanship.

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Billy Joel Set List – Dublin, Ireland November 1, 2013

  1. My Life
  2. Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)
  3. Everybody Loves You Now
  4. Where's The Orchestra
  5. Allentown
  6. The Downeaster 'Alexa'
  7. New York State Of Mind
  8. The Great Wall Of China
  9. Vienna
  10. Zanzibar
  11. She's Always A Woman
  12. Don't Ask Me Why
  13. Uptown Girl
  14. Blonde Over Blue
  15. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
  16. The River Of Dreams
  17. Piano Man
  18. We Didn't Start The Fire
  19. It's Still Rock And Roll To Me
  20. You May Be Right
  21. Only The Good Die Young

Billy Joel in Dublin - November 1, 2013

Billy Joel in Dublin - November 1, 2013

Official photos by Daragh McDonagh

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