Billy Joel: Glass Houses

Glass Houses

U.S. Release Date: March 12, 1980
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Billy Joel: Glass Houses

Disc 1

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You May Be Right
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Sometimes A Fantasy
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Don't Ask Me Why
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It's Still Rock And Roll To Me
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All For Leyna
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I Don't Want To Be Alone
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Sleeping With The Televison On
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C'etait Toi (You Were The One)
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Close To The Borderline
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Through The Long Night
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Re: Glass Houses


well its still rock and rollto me i just started to love Billy Joel with" Don.t ask me why " on a vally radio station way back in 1980 the latin rytham of the song Billy you seradanded me i was just a girl the lp you may be right it rocks it redbelous some times a fantsty a onther rock song billy won best male vocal rock his last grammy for this lp close to the borderline and that frech song are 2 stand out tracks

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My Favorite Album


This is my favorite one of Billy's original albums. There are a lot of great songs that were never real hits. "Close to the Borderline" is a great song to blast in the car with the windows rolled down! I just saw Billy in concert twice and it is so fun to watch him to sing "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me." He does cute tricks with the microphone. Billy Joel is the best!!!

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billy rocks`

i am trying to get my grandma to give me this cd i love it im only 12 and i listen to billy joel 24/7 i dont even have a favorite song i love them all

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Wrong Release Date Listed?

This was not released in 1998, right? Am I losing my mind?

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Great album, very Jazzy, I love it

I love this album. It is very good.
I love You may be right, thats a great song, I always sing that song on karaoke.

I dont think it's his best album but who could say it was a bad album?

8 out of 10

The 12 year old Billy Joel fan


"Working to hard can give you a heart attack ak ak ak ak ak"

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Awesome, awesome album!

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