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Shotgun Wedding band

Watch Shotgun Wedding’s New Music Video ‘City Boy’

Shotgun Wedding, featuring long time Billy Joel band members Andy Cichon and Chuck Burgi, have just released their debut album South of Somewhere featuring the unique video for the first single, “City Boy.” The City / Country band also features The Last Play At Shea guitarist Dennis DelGaudio and Broadway’s Movin’ Out piano man Wade Preston, as well as Brian May and Broadway vocalist Catherine Porter. South of Somewhere is available everywhere online.

The reviews for this album speak for themselves. (The Journal of Roots Music)
“From start to finish, it is obvious that Shotgun Wedding put their entire heart and soul into this record. South of Somewhere doesn’t only put the group on the map, but it secures Shotgun Wedding’s mark in musical history.”
“Just as you can’t always tell a book by its cover, one can’t always evaluate a musical genre by an act’s hometown. A lot of wonderful rock & roll has derived from many country music hot spots, and Shotgun Wedding is living proof that good country music can even come out of a big city like New York.”
South of Somewhere is a 13-track record full to the brim with huge tunes, dancing, and instant classics. They blur the lines between country, rock ‘n’ roll, blues and classic pop, adding plenty of boogie piano to the typical guitar-bass-drums combo.”
“The theatricality and musical inventiveness of South of Somewhere hearkens back to a vintage style that celebrates the unique country artist, it’s almost as if Shotgun Wedding stepped straight out of another time and place. There’s a restless, swaggering charisma that pervades this record, and it’s quite disarming.”

Shotgun Wedding - South of Somewhere

Shotgun Wedding band