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Billy Joel rehearses at Atlanta's SunTrust Park April 2017. Photo by Myrna Suarez.

On The Road With Billy Joel – Los Angeles Times Interview

Billy Joel wanted to be clear: He wasn’t starting a tour.

… “Touring is when you go out and you stay out,” said the 67-year-old singer. “You miss your family; it goes on and on and on and on. Now I play and then I go home. It’s a pussycat schedule. I know what touring is, and this ain’t it.”

… Nor should fans expect a River of Dreams follow-up, the singer says — though he is planning a potential collaboration with a major pop star. But in a long, characteristically frank conversation, he gave the impression that he’s playing these shows because it gives him an opportunity to hang out with his best friends — all of whom appear to work for him — and because he hasn’t stopped being knocked out by the fact that he can fill a ballpark.

Read the full interview at the Los Angeles Times.

Photo by Myrna Suarez