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From Piano Man To Pope: Billy Joel Show Designer At Madison Square Garden, Steve Cohen, To Light Papal Mass, Too – NBC New York

Friday night, he crashed their party. Saturday? No need to be sorry.

That's what happened when Pope Francis's travel schedule bumped Piano Man Billy Joel out of his regular perch at Madison Square Garden.

Joel had been booked for his monthly appearance on Sept. 25. He quickly agreed to move to the next night when the Archdiocese asked.

But for Joel's production designer and creative director of 41 years, Steve Cohen, the postponement of a rock concert was also an opportunity: he offered, with Joel's blessing, to build the lighting for the Pope's Friday night Mass.

The producers of the service asked if there was an appropriate way to use Joel's equipment and make it acceptable for a papal Mass enviroment; Joel immediately said yes.

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Production photo by Mark Foffano