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Phil Ramone’s Life And Legacy Celebrated At Memorial Concert – Billboard

The life of legendary producer Phil Ramone was celebrated Saturday night in grand style, with performances from many of the acts he produced down through the years such as Billy Joel, Paul Simon and Tony Bennett, along with remembrances from Quincy Jones and Kevin Spacey.

…”Working with Ramone completely changed my life,” Joel said. “I am not just talking about fame and fortune, but also about joy and enrichment.”

When Joel was recording The Nylon Curtain in 1982, “Phil turned the studio into an instrument,” Joel remembered. When the album was nearly all recorded, Ramone told Joel, “This album needs an epilogue,” so Joel wrote “Where’s The Orchestra,” which he said “has been running through my head ever since Phil passed away. With that, Joel sat down at the piano and played the “commissioned” song.

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Billy Joel and Quincy Jones

Billy Joel and Quincy Jones, backstage at the Phil Ramone Music Memorial Celebration Concert

Photo credits: Sam Emerson (top) Johnny Richie (bottom)