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New Billy Joel Q&A – As A Musician And Human Being, Is Getting Older A Problem For You?

Every question is a surprise, and this candid 8th question from our Nuremberg series asked Billy if he worries about getting old as an artist. Billy considers the alternative and replies with an honest take on life’s evolution as a musician, composer and human being. He uses the moment to consider his age at that time, 46, and invites his younger brother Alex Joel, then 23, to join him on stage in a classical interlude. The Joels duet face to face and trade piano parts on Beethoven’s 6th Symphony, Pastoral. Alex Joel became a conductor, and has served as Musical Director and Principal Conductor of Germany’s Staatsorchester Braunschweig Orchestra since its 2007/2008 season. Alex turned 40 this summer. For the Joels, music is and has always been a family affair.

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