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New Billy Joel Q&A – Do You Feel That Musical Talent Is Something That You Are Either Born With Or Not?

Is musical talent something that you are born with or something you can learn? Is it something passed along in the genes or something that can be nurtured by a good teacher, parental wishes, and accomplished by hard work? Billy Joel was asked this question during a session recorded by A&E’s cameras live at Irvine Auditorium, on the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia on November 6, 2001. Following the events of 9/11, and with the release of his album “Fantasies and Delusions,” Billy commenced a series of lectures to introduce his new musical endeavor, much like he had done for his last studio album, “River of Dreams,” in 1993. What is it to be an artist? Billy answers this essential question about artistic truth and the artistic pursuit.

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