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New Billy Joel Q&A – Alex Joel Asks For One More Song

We conclude our Nuremberg Questions & Answers series with a request by Alex Joel for one more song to close the evening. Billy sifts through the pages of his alphabetized “Song Bible” and chooses to perform “Vienna” for his father. “Vienna” appears on The Stranger album, and was inspired by a trip Billy made to Vienna to meet his father in the mid 1970s. You can now find lyrics for “Vienna” in our online version of Billy’s “Song Bible” — a new alphabetized section that lists all the lyrics in the Billy Joel catalog from “52nd Street” to “Zanzibar.” The Billy Joel “Questions & Answers” lecture series will be back next week with new videos from a different time period and venue. Enjoy this clip and remember … “Vienna waits for you.” Auf Wiedersehen!