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The Longest Time (Coral Triangle Edition)

This educational YouTube video, creating awareness for the “The Coral Triangle,” by the Barber Lab Quartet, caught Billy’s eye online as “adorable.” It is a delightful variation on his original video for “The Longest Time” which was set in the fictitious aftermath of a high school reunion, circa “Class of 59,” with flashbacks to the characters spiritual reunion, and the doo-wop innocence of their haunted school halls. Here the Barber Lab reimagined the video, promoting their work in an Indonesian lab, circa now, singing to the camera as a quartet of scientists, resplendent in lab coats, snorkels and fins; amidst the very real realities of a threatened and understudied ecosystem. Billy suggested we share this link with you including their important message:

“The Coral Triangle is one of the most threatened, yet understudied, ecosystems in the world. We are working to understand the processes creating and maintaining biological diversity in this region, while building the capacity of researchers and students to contribute to local conservation efforts.”

For more information please visit, or contact them directly at [email protected].