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‘The Last Play At Shea’ … is a HOME RUN in its US theatrical opening! Play it again Billy!

The Last Play At Shea hit select theaters nationwide on October 21st to great applause. New York, LA and Las Vegas enjoyed after-show Q&As. Dave Rosenthal/Billy Joel’s keyboardist, fielded questions from New York fans at the Ziegfeld Theater; Dana Brand/Diehard Mets fan — interviewed in the film — held court in Rockville Center, New York; Producer Nigel Sinclair, Director Paul Crowder, Writer Mark Monroe, and Co-Executive Producer Glen Zipper kept the show in overtime at the Arclight Theater in the heart of Hollywood, CA; while in the same time zone, co-producer and Billy Joel seasoned veteran, Steve Cohen, shared his tale of Billy’s journey from small clubs to stadiums following the movie’s debut in his home town, Las Vegas.

As the “one night only” offering came to a close, friends and fans shared their delight on Facebook and Twitter, as the film’s distribution team pulled an “all-nighter,” hatching plans for an extended run, intent on adding more “plays,” in more cities across the US of A.

Like the first “Last Play” concert event at Shea Stadium back in 2008, which sold out in 30 minutes, prompting a second “Last Play” which was quickly added to meet demand, the film is also enjoying its own overwhelming interest. Simply stated, the event, THE LAST PLAY AT SHEA, was just too big for one night! It appears that the film and its historical tribute to sports legends, a music shrine, and the immortal Billy Joel, requires a few more plays across the country given its triumphant reception and requests for more viewings in the months ahead.

Tell us where you want to see it, if it hasn’t played yet in your town. Stay tuned and connected to and for additional theater listings and more plays of THE LAST PLAT AT SHEA in theaters near YOU!

Kudos. That was the best movie/documentary I think I’ve ever seen. Crying, laughing, memories, good times/bad times. Amazing! – Greg Shine/Cemtrex

Check this out … EVERYBODY stayed for the credits … and then, got up and started talking with everybody else in the crowd when it was over. When’s the last time THAT happened after a “movie?” – Peter Stokke/on Facebook

I saw your documentary last night at Arclight in LA, and I must say it is one of the very best I have seen, and I have seen a lot, and produced a few. First of all you captured the Billy I remember, and know, and his history very well balanced, not to mention the history of the Mets so cleverly interspersed with his.

On a personal level you came off very well on screen, and it was special to see you and some of my old friends from the “Turnstiles” days doing great work.

Steve, I have always admired your work, and you and Billy, and all involved should be very proud. Congratulations and warm Regards,

Jerry Schilling (Former Billy Joel Tour manager and writer “Me And A Guy Named Elvis”)

I had a tremendous experience. I had forgotten how much Shea Stadium meant to me. The Last Play At Shea is not just a concert film, it goes into Billy’s history, the history of Shea Stadium. It was beautiful. I really, truly loved it!. – Howard Stern/Sirius Radio

The Ziegfeld Theater

The Last Play At Shea Movie Poster

Todd Kamelhar and David Rosenthal

Fan Q&A at Ziegfeld

Fan Q&A at Ziegfeld

Fan Q&A at Ziegfeld

David Rosenthal