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Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden January 7, 2016

LA Weekly: Billy Joel Is Every Bit The Equal Of Bob Dylan

One thing I enjoyed about watching both conventions was the tepid wedding bands reminding me of songs I actually like. Steely Dan, REO Speedwagon and Faces all got nods from either the DNC Band or the RNC Band. But I have to tip my hat to the DNC Band for reminding me of Billy Joel’s classic sleeper hit “I Go to Extremes.” In what was otherwise a parade of yawn-worthy speakers pandering to the party’s base, that was the most exciting moment.

… The guy is basically the Jewish Bruce Springsteen or the New York Bob Dylan, whichever you prefer. “Piano Man” is a lovely little piece of Bukowski by way of Dylan that still sounds good after 10,000 spins. But Joel didn’t really hit his stride until he released The Stranger in 1977.

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Photo by Jeff Schock