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Jimmy Kimmel Live! Returns To Brooklyn This Week With Billy Joel & David Letterman

Jimmy Kimmel is returning to Brooklyn this week to spotlight his fellow hometown celebrities.

The ABC late-night host will tape his show this week at Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Howard Gilman Opera House, and include guests such as Amy Schumer, Billy Joel, David Letterman, and Tracy Morgan.

“This is the first time [Letterman] has done a late-night show since he left his show, and that’s terrifying for me,” Kimmel told “Good Morning America” Friday. “I feel like I’ve been preparing questions for David Letterman my entire life.”

Letterman’s former band leader Paul Shaffer also will sit in with “Jimmy Kimmel Live’s” band, Cleto and The Cletones.

Kimmel, who was born in Brooklyn, previously hosted the show at BAM in 2012 and 2015. “We just love coming here. It’s a field trip for the staff and for us,” he says, noting that he breaks free of his regular eating regimen while visiting to sample New York barbecue, deli and pizza. He was born in Brooklyn, so doing the show from the borough has plenty of meaning for him, but it also serves to lend an edge of difference to his efforts despite the fact so many other late-night programs tape just several miles away in Manhattan. “A lot happens in New York City,” he says. “We just thought [Brooklyn] would be more special.