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How Billy Joel Worked With ‘American Restoration’

From The Huffington Post: Recently, I learned Rick Dale from American Restoration helped one of my favorite musicians restore a favorite childhood memory… Swoon

I heard you received a call from a pretty notable customer the other day. Tell me about it!

We got a call from Billy Joel. He had acquired a 1967 BSA Royal Star motorcycle he needed restored. He crated the bike and sent it to me. He flew out the day it arrived to discuss what he wanted done. The bike had great sentimental value to him. When Billy was a kid, he had a friend that had a motorcycle. His friend was going to Vietnam and asked Billy to take care of his bike for him. He drove it all around, all without his mom knowing. He truly loved that motorcycle. As he got older he began collecting motorcycles and started looking for the one he took care of. He finally located the exact same model, however it was dilapidated. … Come to find out, he's a big fan of the show and our work. That's awesome to say the least! He has a shop in Oyster Bay, and ironically he makes new bikes look old. However he doesn't know how to make old bikes look new. So that's why he called me!

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Photo credit: Leftfield Pictures/Scott Gries