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Alexa Ray Joel and Ryan Gleason engaged to be married

Congratulations To Alexa Ray Joel & Ryan Gleason

She’s got a way about her! Alexa Ray Joel is engaged to her boyfriend, restaurateur Ryan Gleason.

The couple announced the news on New Year’s Day. “Luckiest guy in the world!!!!” Gleason said.

The 32-year-old singer/songwriter revealed details of his exact words and her reaction, writing, “He said to me: ‘Before I met you, my world was in black and white. You colored it in between the lines.’ It was the most beautiful thing anybody’s ever said to me. How could I possibly say no to that?!?!” In response, writes Alexa, “…So I was completely taken off-guard, dumbstruck, and shell-shocked- and FOR ONCE in my life, I had absolutely no words, and I couldn’t speak…I just kept staring at this ridiculously exquisite ring- and he was just hysterically laughing at me!!! 🕊💎🕊”