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Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’ Legacy Edition Gets Great Reviews!

The reviews are coming in for Billy Joel's “Piano Man” Legacy Edition, in stores today, and here are some excerpts about why the Legacy Edition should be considered essential:

“The bottom line? This Sigma Sound show is great, an absolute treasure in the Billy Joel discography and a fascinating all-too-rare portrait of an artist before he was a modern-day legend.” – The Second Disc

“The new two-disc set, due out today, includes the original album and a recording of Joel's April 15, 1972, radio concert at Sigma Sound Studios. In other words, the second disc is pre-'Piano Man,' less a piece of musical dynamite, more a glimpse of a musician developing his banter and range. … The two albums are a glimpse of a legend on the brink, a songwriter leaving his first significant footprints in the forest.” – The Record

“Yup, it's that famous and oft-bootlegged show from Sigma Sound Studios on 12th Street, carried live on 93.3 FM. It was one of those rare, 'go out there a nobody, come back a star' nights, and it transformed the Piano Man's career. Decades later, guess what? This extra-lively hour of music (newly remixed and slightly tweaked by Frank Filipetti) still kicks major butt.” – Philadelphia Daily News

“In my opinion, Billy Joel is one of the most brilliant singer/songwriters alive. His concerts have been – by far – my favorite ever attended. On Tuesday (11/8), Columbia Records is releasing 'Piano Man (Legacy Edition).' Not only is this a digitally remastered version of the “Piano Man” album, there’s a second disc in the set. That disc contains the FIRST-EVER release of Billy's long lost Sigma Sound Studio recording from April 1972. That was a year before he joined Columbia. Collectors have been begging for its release for YEARS!” – 94.5 KOOL FM

“Good news for Billy Joel fans: A new, two-CD version of his 1973 album “Piano Man” comes out tomorrow, featuring the album itself as well as a 1972 radio concert. The title track of “Piano Man,” of course, was Joel's first hit single, and “Captain Jack” became an FM radio standard. But the album is packed with gems, including the urgent, banjo-fueled opening track 'Travelin' Prayer.'” – The Star-Ledger

Billy Joel - Piano Man (Legacy Edition)