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Billy Joel in Louisville

Billy Joel Treats Fans To An Energized Night Of Hits – View Concert Reviews, Photos & Set List

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Billy Joel's performance Sunday night at the KFC Yum! Center was filled with conviction, a sense of humor and an obvious respect for his longtime fans. … The energy in the room was the kind found only at shows by veteran superstars. Joel's songs have become a big part of pop culture, and when nearly 30 of them are laid out in a row a real sense of community starts to develop. … While Joel was generous with his best-known material — nearly half the set was Top 20 hits — he also did a nice job of digging into fan favorites and deep album cuts such as “Vienna,” “Root Beer Rag” and “Zanzibar.” Even his most over-played songs, including “Piano Man,” sounded fresh when played alongside deep cuts such as “Blonde Over Blue.” – The Courier-Journal

Billy Joel admits that he didn't start the fire but he did his best to kindle it inside the KFC Yum! Center on Sunday night. On a stage that had an innovative video screen set up which played footage that synched with and complemented the music, the singer-songwriter made the evening about the music. … The piano was front and center the entire night as the fans watched their musical hero run through the songs they came to hear. The one and only special effect was its spinning ability to give each side of the arena a better view of the artist. Joel promised no other effects, which served to highlight the plethora of hits. –

Billy Joel Set List – KFC Yum! Center – Louisville, KY – April 6, 2014

Photo credit: Jacob Zimmer / Special to The Courier-Journal