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Billy Joel Talks About ‘Captain Jack’

“Captain Jack isn't Jack Daniels. I used to live near the projects in Long Island and there were drugs going on and the dealer was called Captain Jack. There was also smack. They used to use the rhyme for smack, Captain Jack. So I didn't mean it to be any specific drug, it's whatever people had to take to escape reality. It was drugs in general. You know I call it a look out the window song. I was just looking out there and seeing all my friends, everybody would just get their brains wasted and fried and I thought it was kind of stupid. We were in the suburbs — what are you junkin' out for. Wait 'til you grow up in the ghetto — then maybe you think about doing that stuff. Why get that screwed up?”

Captain Jack by Billy Joel

“Captain Jack” is featured on the album “Piano Man,” which will be reissued on November 8th as a 2CD Legacy Edition. Pre-order your copy now!