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Billy Joel Sells Out His 30th Show At Madison Square Garden – Billboard

In what amounts to the greatest arena engagement of all time, Billy Joel has sold out his 30th show in a run of monthly dates at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Joel’s perpetually sold-out booking at the Garden, a first-of-its-kind deal that bestowed the “franchise” tag upon the artist and sold 223,921 tickets in its first year, 2014, is showing no signs of losing steam. Through October, Joel had grossed $46,353,458 as a franchise, with attendance totaling 410,661 to the first 22 shows.

… “Nobody has ever done this kind of consecutive business in an arena,” says Dennis Arfa, CEO of Artist Group International, says of his flagship client. “We’re making history here.”

Arfa is currently in discussions for Joel to play a “handful” of MLB stadiums again in 2016. “Out of Billy’s dates [in 2016], probably between two-thirds and three-quarters of his dates will be in stadiums and at the Garden,” says Arfa.

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Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images