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Billy Joel in Las Vegas June 7th

Billy Joel At MGM Grand Las Vegas June 7 – Concert Reviews, Photos & Set List

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Billy Joel gazed at the thousands in attendance at MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday night and leered mischievously, as if he’d just been given a paycheck for doing what he loved instead of doing work. And that was the case, naturally.…You feel that Joel is fine with turning the stage into something of a playground, making it sound like a carnival befitting that line in “Piano Man,” when he slips in a few bars of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis and “What’s New Pussycat” by Tom Jones for some Old Vegas chicanery. Later, he dons Elvis-styled shades during “The River of Dreams” for a full-blast account of “Viva Las Vegas.” These were all unscripted moments, needless in a show steeped in nostalgia, but Joel played them anyway, and the crowd loved it. – Las Vegas Sun

Joel has remained a arena-filling draw for as long as he has because he’s so willing to part the veil on his stardom, to be both embrace and scoff at his own celebrity, to be as self-effacing and goofy as he is cynical and sincere. …There’s plenty of equivocation and uncertainty inherent in Joel’s songs — even his stage banter — but none whatsoever in the actual performance of those songs. Joel takes obvious pride in as much. After “My Life,” he flashed a look of triumph at the crowd, like a basketball player glaring at the opposing team’s bench upon sinking a big shot. The audience roared. They knew a game winner when they saw one. – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Billy Joel Set List – MGM Grand – Las Vegas, NV – June 7, 2014

Billy Joel at MGM Grand set list June 7, 2014

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Billy Joel photos at MGM Grand Las Vegas on June 7, 2014

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