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Billy Joel At Madison Square Garden June 21 – Concert Reviews, Exclusive Photos & Set List

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Billy Joel's music has been a constant for many Long Islanders, there as the backdrop to rides in the family station wagon, backyard barbecues, first crushes, college parties, nights at the bar, weddings, births and funerals.Whatever memories Joel conjured for the audience Saturday through the 23 chart-topping songs he performed, I can only imagine. “Go way back, Billy,” someone could be heard screaming during a set from his early albums, including “Cold Spring Harbor.” Throughout the performance, a man and woman in front of me looked at one another at the first chord of each song he performed, as if every one had a certain special meaning for them, sometimes pulling each other closer, other times kissing with closed eyes. – Newsday

Billy Joel Set List – Madison Square Garden – New York, NY – June 21, 2014

Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden set list June 21, 2014

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Official photos by Jeff Schock