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Billy at The Paramount

Billy Joel In Concert At The Paramount – Reviews From Newsday, Rolling Stone

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Billy Joel’s concert Wednesday night at The Paramount, his first on Long Island in 11 years, … showed that he can still smack one right out of the park, as he did several times during the two-hour show, especially during “Miami 2017,” which he dedicated to the victims of superstorm Sandy. More importantly, it seems Joel has found a new set of his songs that he can still enjoy playing.
Sure, The Piano Man may still need to do actually do “Piano Man,” but he can also do “Blonde Over Blue,” a song from River of Dreams that he believes he has never played on tour until last night, and the underperformed “She’s Right on Time” and “A Room of Our Own” from The Nylon Curtain. His setlist at The Paramount sounded fresh. – Newsday

Joel also made a point of explaining how rare some of the night's performances were. “I don't think we've ever played this one before,” he said, introducing “Blonde Over Blue” from the River of Dreams album.
“It could be a car wreck.” After the song got a huge ovation, he said, “I like that one. We're going to keep it.”
He closed the two-hour show with thank yous for Long Island and The Paramount, as well as a potential promise. “Maybe we'll see you soon again,” he said as he left the stage. – Newsday

It's been a long time since he's played a room anywhere near as tiny as the Paramount, and he soaked in every bit of love from the screaming fans, who had absolutely no idea they'd be seeing Billy Joel in concert when they woke up the previous morning.
…It's unclear how much of this show will make it into the cavernous arenas of England and Ireland later this month, but hopefully he won't lose his courage and he'll continue to devote over half the show to rarities. There's no word on more American dates, but his final words to the crowd were fairly hopeful: “Maybe we'll see you soon.” – Rolling Stone