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Billy Joel And Rap: An Affair For The Ages – The Concourse

Here is an inclusive list of things rappers like to rap about: weed, money, luxury consumer goods, spending money on weed and luxury consumer goods, places they’ve visited that just so happen to rhyme with whatever they rapped about in the previous line, their exceptional prowess between the sheets, and Billy Joel. Yep, having been fortunate enough to interview many fine rappers over the years-say, enjoying a civil chat with Rick Ross while splitting a bottle of bubbly, or taking a piss in Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire’s rancid bathroom, or downing pints with the elusive MF Doom (while he kept his mask on)-I’ve learned that if you ask most rappers what music they were listening to while recording their latest opus, they’ll plump for the Piano Man.

The newest recruit to become smitten with Billy Joel’s oeuvre is Action Bronson, the heavy-bearded gourmand rapper whose new album’s perky opening number, “Brand New Car,” is a Mark Ronson-produced track that samples joyfully from Joel’s “Zanzibar.” When I asked Bronson about this, he didn’t hesitate to gush forth: “Billy Joel puts so much emotion and real life into his music that’s he’s very relatable.”

Here’s a salute to other luminaries of the hip-hop world who’ve jacked into Billy Joel’s grooves. Read more at The Concourse.