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Alexa Ray Joel’s Old Hollywood-Meets-Bohemian Glamour – The Hollywood Reporter

As the offspring of Billy Joel, the third-best-selling solo artist of all time, and supermodel Christie Brinkley, Alexa Ray Joel is no stranger to glamour. The 28-year-old singer prefers vintage silk to sweatpants and a wardrobe made up of “mom’s hand-me-downs.”

…Whether it’s her closet or her home decor, Joel says her taste is “a medley of vintage meets bohemian meets old Hollywood with a little edge.” It’s a fitting match for Manhattan’s historic Cafe Carlyle, where she performed for several weeks this year, and will be returning for a six-month residency in 2015.

“Every show I’ve done there has been jam-packed, sold out,” she says of her past run, which featured a combination of cabaret, reworked jazz covers and her own original music. “[The Carlyle] is a prestigious venue, and it’s rare that you’re asked back. Eartha Kitt played there, all these jazz greats.”

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Photo credit: Douglas Friedman