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Billy Joel: ‘I’m Amazed They’re Still Playing This Stuff’

In an interview published by, Billy Joel discusses the upcoming release of “Billy Joel: The Complete Albums Collection” and the Legacy Edition of “Piano Man” on November 8th. “I've wanted them to put together all the original albums in a set for a long time,” he said. “They've been kind of spoon-feeding people a drip of an album here, a remixed or remastered album there, live stuff, greatest-hits packages and so on. To me, the state of the art is the original album I made. That goes from 'Cold Spring Harbor,' which I can't stand, all the way up to 'River of Dreams.'

“That's the definitive art form I created, and it's taken quite a long time to reach this point. It's a tough economy to sell something like this, and I've been sitting here signing cartons of albums. I don't know if that's going to help, but I've wanted this to be disseminated for a long time without it being diluted into just the hits or just the live material. The albums themselves were really the labor.”


Billy Joel - The Complete Albums Collection