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MOLLY McGEE REQUEST During Concert, as I will be surprising my parents


Mr. Joel,
My name is Molly McGee, born on St. Patricks Day ( no wonder why I cant have a drink) JK. Thats my personality. I am surprising my parents for the big New Years Eve Concert at the end of this month. Not only are we BIG fans, also on this day, 31st it is my parents 44th wedding Anniversary also my fathers bday: Susan and Stanley McGee!!! I am asking you finally to make their wish come through and wish them a happy anniversary and happy birthday to my father at your concert! Mr. Joel.. Not only do we have a connection because we are in recovery also I run an organization ( and I just wanted to reach out to you in hopes that you can surprise my parents with this big wish!! We have all attended previous concerts of yours and have a house on “the island.” I can’t wait to see you and hear you!!!! 😉