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Billy Joel Fan Since 1975


I’ve been a fan of Billy since 1975 when he played at Wake Forest University as a substitute for Judy Collins. Since that time I have seen him in concert about 26 times including shows at Madison Square Garden, Hartford Coliseum, Albany, NY, the Meadowlands and just last week the phenominal Wednesday show at Shea Stadium. Every show has always been fantastic, leaving me wishing for more…the concert sound is always clear.
I’ll never forget a show in 1976 at the Charlotte auditorium when Billy looked out at a half filled auditorium and told the audience that he was going to give us the best show ever so we could tell everyone what they missed…he proceeded to play for over 2 1/2 hours as if he had a packed house…he actually at one point ran into the audience down some of the empty seating and shook hands with us.
It’s always been fun going to a Billy Joel Concert or buying a new release.