10 Jan 2020
Hollywood, FL Hard Rock Live

“Each was a showcase for a voice that seems to have lost none of its power and suppleness. After showing off a bottle of throat spray he purchased after seeing Madonna use it (“I didn’t notice any difference,” he said, with a wry laugh), Joel’s vocals throughout the evening were clear and forceful, shifting effortlessly through every gear. Joel has always been able to smooth the edges of a lyric to a velvety softness, and that skill remains, too.” – South Florida Sun Sentinel

“… Joel chimed in on piano and took the audience on a trip to ‘Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.’ Fans knew every line to the lyrically complex slice of Americana and, at times, sang louder than Joel. But it was OK, because that’s what makes Joel a national treasure — his ability to articulate the essence of everyday people.” – New Times Broward Palm Beach