2013 Billy Tour!

2013 Billy Tour!

It has been 4 yrs. now Mr. Joel ! Can you please come back to Philly and do a few shows? My wife and I do not see eye 2 eye on music most of the time. You are one artist that bridges the gap! Even just a small tour say- Philly, NYC and maybe DC. We saw you 14 rows away at waccovia and then 6 rows away in Citizens bank park when you were ill and still put on a HELL of a show.


please mr joel come to belgium

patrick brouwers

Billy on tour??

It's been much too long that Billy visited Europe! There are so many fans missing him, but American people have a real chance to see him live. I'm from Germany and I never had a chance to listen to him live. And I'm not the only one who's waiting and praying for that to happen! What about another European Tour again, Mr. Joel?????

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