Will Billy tour again?

Will Billy tour again?

Billy has not recorded pop/rock music for many years now and rumour has it that he is not going to do another tour.

What do you think the chances are that he will hit the road again?


They all say they'll never do it again, so I don't put much credence in that. But who knows? I had a job that required a bunch of traveling. If I had enough money that I didn't need to do it, I sure wouldn't.

But there really never is enough, is there? You think about your kids, grandchildren, what the future may bring after you die...it's never enough.

I'd like to see him. The only time I had the chance, I couldn't afford the ticket.

Jimmy Buffett and Billy Joel were the two I wanted to see, but hadn't. Now it's just Billy Joel.

I recon he will tour again and will record another album hopefully. A face to face tour with elton in the uk would be good too,tho they aint speaking at the moment i dont think.

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