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The man and legend

Billy Joel what can i say his hands are magic he touch the keys and the world stop it's like monet the most bright color's you'll ever see and as monet Billy will go down in history as the greatest piano player in the world sign your greatest fan Lyn Marlow love ya

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billy joel rocks

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Canada EH?

It was nearly one year ago that I travelled to Kansas City from Saint John New Brunswick, Canada. I thought that seeing Billy in concert just one time would be enough, since I waited soooo long! But it wasn't! I cannot wait until I see Billy Joel in concert again!
Hey, we had Elton John in SJ this year.....who's to say Billy won't come here some day! I have promissed to be first in line for tickets!

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Ode to Billy

I have followed you along your career. I have relished in your highs and lows in life. I witnessed you in concert and later met you in the hotel club after your OKC Myrid Concert in April of 1984. I loved the song Shameless when I first heard it. I followed you to Russia when you went on the road and admired you for your goals.

I know you live in the east where anything goes and its easy to loose sight of mortality and faith.
Remember, when you're on stage with the boss to benifit a political figure and a party which has a lack of moral turpitude, you will be remembered for your lack of consciousness, at least for those of us that see life and god as one.


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Relative in BC

I heard Billy has a 1st Cousin in that area.

the "other" John Coltrane

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I bet he loved Peachland. Wonder if he ate peaches.

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Canada EH!

Just read in local paper that Billy Joel was in Peachland, British Columbia, Canada on Sunday August 17th. The reason for visit is not known. He was gracious and signed autographs for those who approached. He was visiting the local Farmer's Market on Okanagan Lake.

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