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Billy Joel to appear on Harry Connick Jr. talk show September 12
Aug 29, 2017
Billy Joel will make a rare daytime talk show appearance on “Harry,” to kick off the second season of Harry Connick Jr.’s program on Sept. 12. According to the show,… Read More
Aug 28, 2017
The Red Sox invited David Rosenthal to throw out the first pitch as part of “Billy Joel Night at Fenway Park” on August 1, 2017. David also accepted an award… Read More
Aug 23, 2017
View and Submit Photos & Videos In The Billy Joel Tour Section! For his four-song encore, Billy Joel wore a bright yellow Star of David on the front and back… Read More
Billy Joel performs live on stage with Axl Rose at Target Field in Minneapolis, MN on July 28, 2017
Aug 01, 2017
View and Submit Photos & Videos In The Billy Joel Tour Section! Billy Joel made his Twin Cities debut at the old Marigold Ballroom in downtown Minneapolis in 1974. He… Read More
Billy Joel 30 years ago this summer six shows that shook the world Russia 1987
Jul 31, 2017
Thirty years ago this month, the whole world looked on as Billy Joel took his family, his music and his concert show to the former Soviet Union. The signing of… Read More
Billy Joel on SiriusXM Beatles Channel
Jul 28, 2017
Billy Joel is hosting guest DJ sessions on The Beatles Channel at SiriusXM (Channel 18). Starting with 1964’s Meet The Beatles, Billy is commenting on tracks from every Beatles U.S.… Read More