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Billy Joel On Becoming A Musician

"I started taking piano lessons when I was about four years old. My parents were both musicians. So I took piano lessons. I didn't like the lessons very much, but I was enchanted by music. Music always transported me somewhere. Singing made me feel good and being able to play the piano made me feel good." - Billy Joel

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Billy Joel On 'Only The Good Die Young'

"The song came out as a single and it might not have gotten the attention that it got, but it got banned on a few stations. It got banned in Boston, and banned here, and banned there. I think banning it made some people wonder what they were banning, 'Let me hear what they are banning, I want to decide if I want to ban it.' And that controversy I think contributed to it being a hit record. I think if these people hadn't tried to squash it out it might have died a quiet death."

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Billy Joel Discusses '52nd Street' - The Complete Albums Collection Video

In this new video for "The Complete Albums Collection," Billy talks about the jazz influence on the album "52nd Street." The album was named for the famous jazz club street in Manhattan.

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Billy Talks About His Songwriting Process

"I write the music first and then if I like the music I write lyrics. I think every piece of music has something apparent in it lyrically. For me it's like fate knocking on the door. Beethoven's symphonies were written when, if you look at the time period, there was some awesome stuff going on. And you think that's what he must have been writing about. But maybe it was something as banal as what's with the rent? It's like Michelangelo sculpting marble. Inside that marble is the sculpture, he's just got to find it. That's how I write lyrics.

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Billy Joel Discusses 'The Bridge' - The Complete Albums Collection Video

In this exclusive interview video, Billy Joel talks about writing the songs for his album "The Bridge." "I knew that this album was going to be a transitional album between 'An Innocent Man' and 'Storm Front.' So that's the purpose it served. It just bridged that gap." The album is included in the new limited edition box set "The Complete Albums Collection," available now!

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Billy Joel's 40th Anniversary Tonight

Forty years ago tonight, Billy Joel performed live on radio station WLIR. The broadcast took place at Ultrasonic Recording Studios, on Long Island. It would be his first performance as a solo artist. He played: "Everybody Loves You Now," "She's Got A Way," "All American Blues," "Got To Begin Again" and "Captain Jack."

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New Billy Joel Q&A - Who Was The Inspiration For 'Uptown Girl?'

We all know who the song "Uptown Girl" is about. But in this question taped at the University of Rochester's Eastman Theatre during Billy Joel's lecture tour in 1996, Billy reveals the whole "Uptown Girl" story, from Beethoven to Frankie Valli. Watch the video below and check out more videos from the Billy Joel "Questions & Answers" lecture series!

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Billy Joel 'The Complete Albums Collection' Exclusive Videos At Spinner

This week marks the release of "Billy Joel - The Complete Albums Collection" and the two-disc Legacy Edition of his landmark album, "Piano Man." In honor of these career retrospectives, Spinner has two exclusive videos of Billy discussing two LPs from his discography, 1977's "The Stranger" and 1983's "An Innocent Man." Check out both clips below, plus enter to win a copy of the 15-disc box

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Billy Joel Talks About 'River Of Dreams' - The Complete Albums Collection Video

With Billy Joel's The Complete Albums Collection" and "Piano Man" Legacy Edition now available, MSN Music has featured this new video of Billy talking about "River Of Dreams." You can watch the clip below.

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'Glee' Covers Billy Joel's 'Uptown Girl' - Watch Video

If you missed Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" being covered on "Glee" last night, you can watch the full performance in the video below. Last season, "Glee" covered "Only The Good Die Young."

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Billy Joel's 'Piano Man' Legacy Edition Gets Great Reviews!

The reviews are coming in for Billy Joel's "Piano Man" Legacy Edition, in stores today, and here are some excerpts about why the Legacy Edition should be considered essential:

"The bottom line? This Sigma Sound show is great, an absolute treasure in the Billy Joel discography and a fascinating all-too-rare portrait of an artist before he was a modern-day legend." - The Second Disc

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'Billy Joel - The Complete Albums Collection' And 'Piano Man' Legacy Edition Available Now!

Billy Joel's "Piano Man" 2CD Legacy Edition, and "The Complete Albums Collection" limited edition box set, have both been released today! The box set, which is available for a limited time, includes 14 remastered albums and a bonus disc with 17 rare and non-album recordings, plus two 60-page booklets.

The "Piano Man" Legacy Edition includes the original 10-song album, plus a second CD of Billy's previously unreleased 1972 WMMR radio broadcast in Philadelphia. Three songs from WMMR don't appear on any other Billy Joel album -- "Long, Long Time," "Josephine" and "Rosalinda."

In honor of today's releases, MSN Music is featuring Billy Joel videos from "The Complete Albums Collection!" Check out this video below for "Glass Houses."

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