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Billy Joel Talks About 'Storm Front' - The Complete Albums Collection Video

Billy Joel discusses the album "Storm Front" in this new interview clip for Billy Joel - The Complete Albums Collection. The album was written during a period of turmoil in Billy's life, which he said "made for good material. This was trauma. This was drama. That's why the album ended up being called 'Storm Front.'"

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New Billy Joel Q&A - Alex Joel Asks For One More Song

We conclude our Nuremberg Questions & Answers series with a request by Alex Joel for one more song to close the evening. Billy sifts through the pages of his alphabetized "Song Bible" and chooses to perform "Vienna" for his father. "Vienna" appears on The Stranger album, and was inspired by a trip Billy made to Vienna to meet his father in the mid 1970s.

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Billy Joel Discusses 'The Nylon Curtain' - The Complete Albums Collection Video

In a new interview for Billy Joel - The Complete Albums Collection, Billy talks about writing and recording his album "The Nylon Curtain" and why he thinks it may be his best recorded effort. You can watch in the video below! He talks about the work required to put the album together, the album's point of view, and how it suited the time period in which it was released.

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Billy Joel To Be Featured In 'The Best of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Live'

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Time Life have partnered to release new DVD and CD sets featuring performances from past Rock Hall ceremonies. The first, "The Best of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Live," will go on sale Nov. 1. The three-CD collection will feature performances by Billy Joel, Jimmy Page, Lynryd Skynryd, Al Green, Aerosmith, The Who and James Brown among others.

The second Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Live installment will feature a 10-volume digital collection of induction performances recorded between 1986 and 2009.

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Billy Joel: 'I'm Amazed They're Still Playing This Stuff'

In an interview published by, Billy Joel discusses the upcoming release of "Billy Joel: The Complete Albums Collection" and the Legacy Edition of "Piano Man" on November 8th. "I've wanted them to put together all the original albums in a set for a long time," he said. "They've been kind of spoon-feeding people a drip of an album here, a remixed or remastered album there, live stuff, greatest-hits packages and so on. To me, the state of the art is the original album I made.

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New Billy Joel Q&A - Billy Asks His Father, Howard Joel, To Join Him On Stage

Billy proposes question #15 in our Nuremberg series, asking his father, Howard Joel, to join him on stage in an impromptu performance of George Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm.” Please enjoy this very unique family reunion. You can watch this and other videos in our Billy Joel "Questions & Answers" lecture series.

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'The Last Play At Shea' To Premiere On Showtime November 11th!


Friday, November 11th at 9:30 PM ET/PT

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New Billy Joel Q&A - What Does Your Song 'Famous Last Words' Mean?

The last song on River Of Dreams is discussed in this 14th Q&A from our Nuremberg series: “What does your song 'Famous Last Words' mean? And are these really your last words…forever?” This complex question has been top of mind for every Billy Joel fan for many years now. Billy describes using the writing process as his subject and music as his ever-present muse.

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Happy Birthday Sting! Photos From All-Star Concert Event October 1st

Sting Birthday All-Star Concert

Happy Birthday Sting! Sting celebrated his 60th Birthday with an all-star concert event at New York’s Beacon Theatre on October 1, 2011

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New Billy Joel Q&A - Are You Ever Afraid Of Being In Public? And Would You Play 'Just The Way You Are?'

In the latest video from our Nuremberg series, an English gentleman from Liverpool asks Billy if he is ever afraid to appear in public on the streets of New York, especially after Liverpool native John Lennon was shot. Billy recalls his reaction to the tragic news of December 8, 1980; his fondness for John Lennon; and how he tries to live his life as a public figure without fear. You can watch the video below and view more clips from our Billy Joel "Questions & Answers" lecture series.

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Billy Joel Featured In Hamptons Magazine

Billy Joel with a custom-built bobber that started out as a 1999 Kawasaki W650The world may know him best as the Piano Man, but spend an afternoon with Billy Joel at his very own 20th Century Cycles in Oyster Bay, and it is quickly obvious that his passions stretch far beyond the confines of those 88 keys.

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New Billy Joel Q&A - What Is Your Relationship With Your Band, And How Do You Handle Any Mistakes They Make?

Alexander Joel helps with this 12th question from our Nuremberg series, which is described here in its literal translation from German: “During your 2-year tour, were there any problems with the band and your relationship with the band, and were there any screw-ups with saxophone players?” Billy dives into the deeper essence of the question, which concerns his role in the band, the dynamics of a band on the road, and his “theory of mistakes.” He covers a lot of ground here, referencing The Rolling Stones, Vladimir Horowitz, and the sagest advice of jazz great, Stan Getz.

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