Billy Joel Promotes Long Island In New York State Commercial

Billy Joel Promotes Long Island In New York State Commercial

Call it a New York State State of Mind. The Billy Joel classic and the man himself will be part of the New York State tourism summer ad campaign. The ad includes shots of numerous Long Island beaches, the Montauk Point Lighthouse and, finally, Joel performing "New York State of Mind" onstage at Madison Square Garden.

"New York is my home -- there's no place like it in the world," Joel says in the 30-second video spot. "My favorite place is Long Island. It's an endless beach from Long Beach to Montauk to Long Island Sound, with incredible fishing, Teddy Roosevelt's home and the first port in the U.S."

Joel's ad is one of a series showcasing famous New Yorkers talking about various parts of the state that will air in New York and in other markets around the country.

Read more details at Newsday.

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Re: Billy Joel Promotes Long Island In New York State Commercial

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