Billy Joel At Fenway Park June 26 - Concert Reviews, Exclusive Video, Photos & Set List

Billy Joel At Fenway Park June 26 - Concert Reviews, Exclusive Video, Photos & Set List

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Billy Joel thanked the crowd for keeping him employed both with gracious words and with a deeply satisfying two-hour show that proved that the Piano Man remains in remarkably strong voice and spirit. In a set list 24 songs strong, the hits were plentiful and the stories a pleasure to hear again. ...Zac Brown joined Joel for a rollicking “You May Be Right” before the whole enterprise came to a close with the still-buoyant “Only the Good Die Young.” - The Boston Globe

We’re not listening to enough Billy Joel. That’s what I’ve took away from Joel’s epic Fenway Park concert last night. Oh, sure, there are Joel freaks who spin The Nylon Curtain three times a week. But regular folks are spending too much time with Luke Bryan, Michael Buble and Ed Sheeran. Everything they’re selling Joel has in stock, and it’s way, way better. Even the minor moments -- and the Fenway party was full of them -- were sublime. Maybe the best: “This Is the Time,” a nearly-lost tune that all other power ballads should kneel before. - Boston Herald

School is out and summer is here. It doesn’t get any better when you’re 13 years old. That is unless you are Emma Stanganelli from Salem, N.H., who got to perform on stage with Billy Joel at Fenway Park Thursday night. To top it off, the Piano Man accompanied Emma as she sang “Boston State of Mind,” her own localized version of Joel’s classic tune, “New York State of Mind.” It all started about a year ago when Emma got together with some friends and made a YouTube video of the song trying to raise money for The One Fund. Joel and his sax player got wind of it, and invited Emma and her family to Fenway. - CBS Boston

Emma Stanganelli Sings "Boston State Of Mind" in support of The One Fund, for victims of the Boston Marathon bombing

Billy Joel Set List - Fenway Park - Boston, MA - June 26, 2014

Billy Joel at Fenway Park set list June 26, 2014

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Top photo credit: Billy Black. Additional photos by Jeff Schock and Billy Black.

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