Billy Joel and Elton John Tour Dates

The rumors are true. Beginning in March, Billy Joel and Elton John, will reunite for their Face 2 Face tour and continue the most successful and longest-running concert pairing in pop history.

"I love touring with Billy. I have the greatest respect for him and we're such good friends," Elton said. And "the great thing about performing with Elton is that he is such a good piano player and that makes me have to dig deep to keep up with him, not to mention I've got the best seat in the house-only one piano away from Elton John!" said Billy.

Tune into <a title="Billy Joel's Tour Dates" href="">Billy Joel’s Tour Dates</a> section for all the latest details and to purchase tickets.

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Re: Billy Joel and Elton John Tour Dates

Can somebody,anybody tell me when the duo will start to tour in the uk

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Re: Billy Joel and Elton John Tour Dates

Wow! What a concert! My husband and I took our 2 kids, aged 13 and 10 for my son's 10th birthday, and the concert was incredible! The energy that those 2 still put into their music after all these years is awe-inspiring! My 10 year old son is a pianist, and he is a huge fan of both artists. He covers their music all the time, so he sat there mesmirized. My only regret is that its impossible to get an autograph.... come on guys... you're not going to be mobbed by teenaged girls (and boys) throwing their undies at you! My sons who are both musicians would have just loved to have been able to say that they shook your hand.... unfortunately, there is no way to make that happen.... Spare a thought for the next generation of up-and-coming musicians... start a mentorship club or something so that genuine young fans can actually come to meet you! Well done on the performance, and good luck for your remaining tour dates!!!!!

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If you can go to see this concert THEN DO IT !!! JUST AMAZING!!!!

I first heard Elton's music when I was 13 and I was 17 when I fell in love with Billy!!!!

In February I will celebrate the 30th anniversary of my 18th birthday.... Although I paid 179 pops a piece for 4 tickets (Went with my daughter, her best friend & my best friend) I should have been down below because a security officer questioned my friend because I was dancing in my seat... (I guess you are supposed to be a little more prim and proper in the upper seats!!!) Did I go to that concert to cry??? HELL f***ING NO!!! I went there to listen to My Favorite Men!!! WTF!!! Right after that happened, I screamed out River of Dreams and they may have a a certain set they do in a fashionly order BUT it felt like they heard me because Billy launched right into it..

At any rate, I have all their CDs, "Youtube" them all the time and dance uninhibitedly here in my home and will love them forever and say this was probably my favorite concert I have ever been to in my Life!!!! And I am NOT a groupie... I just have taste and Quality!!!

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Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer!

I am so excited for this tandem because i had always been a fan of both Billy Joel and Elton John. Now, my mother always searches for their songs in <a href="">yahoo</a> and she plays their songs on repeat and I end up singing along, dancing along to melody of the piano keys and their voices.

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Re: Billy Joel and Elton John Tour Dates

when is the concert for portland oregon?

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Re: Billy Joel and Elton John Tour Dates

Can anybody tell me what they are using for FOH mixing consoles? Or what the speakers are?

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As an official rock and roll dad it is my passion and privilege to go to between 25 to 30 concerts a year. My kids have an appreciation for music that is a large bond between us.

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It would be nice, however, if he and Elton John would FINALLY re-schedule the Buffalo tour date - still no word!!!!

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sharon robo

when is billy and sir Elton coming to Australia

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daughter got job on way to your concert

My 22-year-old daughter met a young woman on the D.C. metro on the way to your joint concert a few weeks ago (the concert where Elton's foot pedal was problematic). My husband had my 15-year-old son give up his seat for his sister and another woman. We all began to talk. Jenny mentioned that she had just graduated with a Master's Degree from Lehigh University and had just moved to Arlington, Va. The woman gave Jenny her mother's email. The mother sat across from us on the subway, another family going to the concert, and a job in her non-profit was opening up and another one that she knew would be hiring. Three weeks later, and Jenny got the job!

Thanks Billy and Elton!

marilyn casson

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July 11th at Nationals Park

One of the BEST I have ever seen. The only one better was Billy by himself a few years ago. I have met him a few times and he is a down to earth kinda guy. Thanks for a great show.

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Billy and Elton in Columbus

The music of my life performed by the best musicians in the world. A magical night, the atmosphere was electric, the visual effects were stunning. Thank you for a memorable, enchanted evening that I'll never forget. Loved it!!

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Gillette stadium

I can't wait to see the show tomorrow. I am one of your biggest fans, this is like my 30th show. since i was 16 I have been going to your shows. All of them have been amazing...If you have nothing to do tonight. send me an email at

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can't wait to see you guys!!

I bought my boyfriend tickets to your concert in foxboro for saturday night in july for his 50th birthday. Gotta say its a total surprise for him who is your biggest fan, billy. If you give any shoutouts that night, please wish "captain mike" a happy fiftieth, he's a yacht captain and is gone a lot of the time. So this night is special for the both of us. Thanks billy for all your great music. Marianne

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Columbus show was awesome

Saw both The Piano Man and The Rocket man for the first time, My wife had seen them back in '03 and loved them. Was fortunate to see Billy last April also in Columbus...Pretty awesome show. Loved the opening song, Your Song. Both such great entertainers. Thank you for a great show.


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Columbus OH - AWESOME Concert

What a fantastic conert. My husband that seen you before but this was my first time. It was AWESOME!!
I enjoyed the entire concert - all three hours and 40 minutes. I never left my seat. Wish the prices were a little more reasonable, I had what I thought were good seats but they definitely weren't the highest priced ones. I truly appreciate that addition of Hang On Sloopy in The Middle of the NIght. Thanks for a great 20th wedding anniversary present!!

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When will you be performing again in New York?

I don't see any New York or vicinity dates on your schedule.

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dodging raindrops at Nationals park on saturday?? hey acatinthe!

Hey Acatinthe....Howard and I are going to be along with you....cant wait!! It has been a long hot week and this is gonna be super....he has seen the Piano Man and I treasure the time when I saw Elton and his red white and blue piano during the US celebration of our bicentenial!!

Just wonder about the potential for thunderstorms and how wide open the new stadium is .....welp guess rain gear might have to be lugged...hope you know how to ride the metro as it is so convenient to the gates of Nationals Park!

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In Washington, DC*********This Saturday************

Excited to see the Face2Face concert. I've seen the Piano man in concert several times but never the Rocket man.
Need to be swept away by their music, been a stressful week.

Anyone going to this show?

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SPAIN...please, please, please, please!!!

Billy: not happy wihth Spain? Don't forget our second wind.

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Billy..Billy.Billy!!!I saw you in Toronto May 30th!brilliant!!

BILLY..BILLY BILLY................YOU WERE FANTASTIC!!!!!!! so was Elton of course!!

I grew up listening to your great music in Ireland, saw you in the mid 80's just after moving to Canada....and you were briliant..but last month in Toronto...WOW!!You both were great......but you stole the show Billy!!!I took my 18 yr old son with me..and I was so proud that he sang EVERY WORD...he was raised on your great music!!!!!
Hope to see you again soon!!!
Marlene Finn

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And Hong Kong, China / Asia ???

Saw Billy and Elton separately in Hong Kong, China, in 2008 - first time ever for Billy and second time for Elton (first visit to Hong Kong ever for Billy and fourth for Elton). Face2Face tours have yet to come to Hong Kong even though it's been to Japan and Australia before. It would be great if this one, which is supposedly going to last on and off for several years, will finally come to Hong Kong. The shows will sell out in a heartbeat.

But then, if the Face2Face tour doesn't make it over here, I hope at least, Billy, you will be back to play for us again real soon. You're absolutely the best and Hong Kong fans love and support you always !

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Enormous artists !!!!!
You both have SO MANY fans here in México, and that´s obvious because you sing like angels !!!!
I am sure that our entire country would be very,very,very happy if you have a presentation here, in fact, there should be at least 5 concerts in Mexico in order to get some tickets because of course, they will be sold inmediately
Your mexican public wouldn´t dissapoint you, we´ve seen concerts from both of you here and they have been such a great experience....but if you give a concert together that would make us crazy of happiness, your songs are a very special part of our lives and are linked to our best remembrances
Wish you come here, we all would be HONESTLY very grateful !!!!

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will he ever play in florida my friend is a fan

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Cleveland Concert

All I can say is UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!! Best Concert I have ever been to, got lucky and had Suite Tickets. Following the Concert I got 2 more Tickets to see them in Toronto. I know I will not be Disappointed

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Cleveland Concert

All I can say is WOW, what a spectacular performance. I drove to Cleveland to see the concert from New Jersey with 3 friends and we had a blast. It was worth the 8 hour drive each way to see it, the quicken loan arena was sold out and there wasnt an empty seat in the house. The place was jumping cant wait till Billy comes to the NY metro area again.

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Cleveland Concert

A performance that I will remember for a lifetime.

Great light effects.

Talent that is at the peak of human potential.

Billy Joel and Elton John love their music. Their show was excellent.

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Indy Concert

The Indy concert with Elton was unbelievable. My wife and I brought our 2 young 20ish year old kids. I told them they will remember this concert 30-40 years from now and still swear it was the most awesome concert they had ever saw.

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Detroit Show

Just saw the show in Detroit. A real marathon. Great music, amazing energy, great crowd. On par with a Bruce show=the ultimate compliment.

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NY Area Billy Joel and Elton John

Does anyone know when they plan on coming to this area?

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Flying to Cleveland

Oops I meant we saw you at Shea in July! Guess I was still thinking about it a month later.

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Flying to Cleveland for you!

Hi Billy! Six years ago, I met my husband. We were only dating for two months when we happened to be in my apartment listening to one of your CD’s. When “Just the Way You Are” came on, he turned to me and said, “That’s our song!” A year and a half later we danced to it at our wedding. Since then we’ve had our ups and downs and some hard times but the words of your song keep us going.

I wouldn't leave you in times of trouble
We never could have come this far
I took the good times, I'll take the bad times
I'll take you just the way you are

Every time Joe calls me, your voice plays on my ring tone and I smile. We were fortunate enough to see you in concert at Shea Stadium this past August and enjoyed every minute of it. We hoped to hear our song but know you had just so much time and so many songs that people love. As we left, I said to my husband that I couldn’t wait to see you again. A few months ago, I heard you were touring with Elton John. I wanted tickets so badly but realized you weren’t coming this way. Joe found out I’d been looking into this and surprised me. He saved up to buy plane tickets to Cleveland and bought floor seats to your May 23rd show. I am so excited!!! We would be absolutely thrilled if you played our song that night! You would really make a dream come true.

Can’t wait to see you!

Michelle Scull

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Face 2 Face Music

I saw the Face 2 Face concert in St Paul, Mn last night. So awsome! Where can I get a CD or DVD of the 2009 concert? I want to listen again and again.

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Dear Billy I don't know if you will get this or not. But I grew up on Ballard Lane hearing about your High School days from my older brother. In your older songs you sing alot about Hicksville and no matter where I am at in the United States it was always good to have a piece of Hicksville with me. When I see you in concert on May 14th in STL when you sing the old songs my heart, and the memories will all go back to Hicksville.(epicially down at the village green,and Virgina use to be my babysitter) I am so looking forward to the concert. Good Luck that night and hope to meet up with you that night.


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I know

I know i'm going to that concert.

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Desperately Needed: Concert in the UK

Please, please, please come to the UK soon, either Face2Face or on your own, we don't mind which, although with Elton would be amazing. I have been going to your concerts since 52nd Street at The Royal Albert Hall in London (1978?). Our youngest son who is now 15 has been brought up on Billy and we took him to his first concert in 2006 at Wembley. He is as big fan as we are. Our 27 year old son came to that concert as well. His first concert was The River of Dreams Tour at Earls Court, London. He now lives 2 hours from Seattle and is married to a lovely American girl. He can't make the Seattle concert as they are coming to the UK to celebrate my 50th birthday. I think that this more than qualifies us for a concert in the UK !!
Let's see you soon.


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Columbus, OH concert

I saw on the BJoels website there are 2 concerts planned fro 14th and 17th of July, is it correct ??¨


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Always on my i-pod ...

We would love for you to come to the UK ... but ... will go wherever you are playing. Had tickets to see you in Las Vegas in February but we had to leave early and we missed your show. Gutted!!! Gave the tickets to the taxi driver on the way to the airport - hope he enjoyed the show. xxxx

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Seeing Billy and Elton at Gillette Stadium on July 19th

I was 6 months pregnant with my son when I saw Billy a couple of years ago. I will once again be 6 months pregnant this year when I see him in July. I guess I'm superstitious, my son loves Billy Joel's music, maybe I'll get this baby to love Billy too!!!

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Come to Italy!!! and three!

Elton John will be in Italy (Arena di Verona) on 7 of July 2009...
WHY NOT YOU????!!!!!!

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Come to Italy!! and two!

Hi Mr.Joel.
Your songs saved me in one moment very difficult of my life.
My Your favorite song is "Italian Restaurant" and I see the Musical "Movin Out" in Broadway.
I realy hope to see You in Italy, and rock and roll one more time!
With "honesty".

from Italy

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Come to Italy!

Hi Billy,

you have many fans in Italy that wait for you for another concert!!
WE remember very well concert in Rome three years ago..
But we want you alone with your band, hope in Milan!

Please come to Italy very soon



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That is true Europe loves you, we need you here.

<a href="">websites</a>

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Song Request for Albany, NY

Dear Mr. Joel.......

Many years ago in 1975 I became a Billy Joel fan. Strangely enough it was not from listening to your Piano Man album at first. My wife Nancy and myself were married in 1975 and started going to a place in Poughkeepsie, NY called THE CHANCE. There was a band from Pennsylvania that performed there every month called RALPH. Strange name, but a great band ! It was here that I first heard your song "The Ballad of Billy the Kid" They played it every month that they were there. I loved the song so much that I rushed out to buy your album. It has been a favorite song of mine ever since ! If there was any chance that you could play "The Ballad of Billy the Kid" I would be very grateful ! This is my first Billy Joel concert and I am looking forward it !

Thank You, a fan since 1975 ! Jim

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Awesome work!

I'm glad everything is going so well for you guys! Keep up the super awesome work!

- James, <a href="">Resveratrol</a> Consultant

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Collaborations for Thought

Hi Billy,
Your music touches my soul - I love your creativity and the soul factor of the music you make. Have you considered potentially collaborating with other artists. I am thinking about the magic of you and Tower of Power. Another idea I had is your teaming with Gloria Estefan - it could be sensational!!

Thanks for sharing your incredible gift with the world - we are better for it!

Best wishes for continuing success,

Gloriousmusic Fan

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Billy & Elton in Europe

Does anybody know if Billy Joel and Elton John will be performing in Europe? Thank you.


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Hickville High Alumni with Billy Joel graduate of 1967

I went to high school with Billy and finally getting to see him in person. I just purchased concert tickets for the HP Pavilion in San Jose to see Billy Joel and Elton John. I am so excited to finally see Billy in person. I will be wearing a Hicksville High School tee shirt and seated about 40 rows back on the ground level. Let's give a shout out to Hicksville High alumni's from 1967. Backstage passes would mark the occasion for me in a huge way. In August, there is our 40th class reunion. Hope Billy plans to attend. That would be so awesome. Looking forward to an awesome night of singing and amazing music. See you in November in San Jose.

Originally from the East Coast who lived in Hicksville and went to Hicksville High School and graduated in 1967 same as Billy Joel.

Known as Margie in those days. Also just found my close high school friends from Hicksville which is just awesome.

Can't wait to hear Billy and Elton perform together. What a dynamic duo!!!!

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Looking Forward To Buffalo Show

Can't wait to see them at the HSBC arena. Should be outstanding....

<a href="">Lose 10 pounds</a>

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Face 2 Face concert merchandise

Does anyone know where I can purchase merchandise from the 2008-2009 face 2 face concert?

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