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Billy Joel Wows 'Em At UMass-Lowell

Billy Joel has played hundreds of 900-seat rooms, many back in the 1960s when the then-unknown was rocking the Long Island circuit. But last night the piano man returned to a tiny room for a thrilled crowd at University of Massachusetts at Lowell's intimate Durgin Hall.

Billed as "an evening of questions and answers ... and a little music," the event was one of just three college appearances for Joel this fall — the others were at Cornell University and the University of Connecticut.

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The Piano Man Is Honored At Steinway Hall, With A Portrait By Paul Wyse

A dedication ceremony and unveiling took place on Monday December 12, 2011 at Steinway Hall on West 57th Street, in historic Room Number 5. Billy became a Steinway artist in 1992, and has played Steinway pianos on his many tours around the world. Billy's Waltz #2, which appears on the "Fantasies & Delusions" album, was written in the Rachmaninoff Room with the melody fresh in his mind and a grand painting of Rachmaninoff staring down on him. The final recording of Waltz #2 was subtitled "Steinway Hall" in fond appreciation.

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New Billy Joel Q&A - What Was The Inspiration For 'Miami 2017?'

In the latest video from our Billy Joel "Questions & Answers" lecture series, Billy is asked about his inspiration for the song "Miami 2017." In his answer, Billy uses succinct language to express how he felt when New York was told to "drop dead." The video also includes a partial live performance of the song. Check it out!

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Billy Joel's Thoughts On 'Piano Man' - Listen To The Song Here

"I wrote Piano Man in '73, and from the inception of the song itself to the recording it was a matter of maybe three months, because I wrote the song before I actually had the recording contract, then I got the contract and it was one of the first things I recorded." - Billy Joel

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Billy Visits Cornell University For New 'Questions & Answers' Lecture

Billy recently visited Cornell University for a new Evening of Questions & Answers on Friday, December 2nd. To get a preview of this Q&A, here are some article excerpts about his visit. Billy has visited a large number of schools over the years in order to share advice with students, and you can watch videos from past visits in our Billy Joel "Questions & Answers" section.

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New Billy Joel Q&A - Do You Ever Get Stage Fright, And If So, How Do You Deal With It?

In 1983, Billy gave a lecture at The New School in New York City, and was asked if there are moments when he gets nervous on stage. You can watch his answer in this new video below, and view more clips from our Billy Joel "Questions & Answers" lecture series.

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Billy Joel On Happiness

"There is no secret. Everybody has it within themselves. If you are truly happy at what you do, I think you have it all beat. I think you know the secret of life if you love what you do." - Billy Joel

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Alexa Ray Joel To Appear On 'Fashion Hunters' Tonight On BRAVO

Alexa Ray Joel appears on "Fashion Hunters," BRAVO's new series, on Tuesday December 6th at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.

The team working at the Second Time Around high-end consignment shop have access to the best fashion finds that New York City has to offer. BRAVO's new series, "Fashion Hunters" follows four eccentric store employees as they go out searching the attics, closets and garages of New York's elite. In the episode "GENEROSITY GEMS" (Tuesday, December 6, 10:30 p.m. ET/PT), it's all hands on deck to plan a charity event. With a visit to Alexa Ray Joel, the team gets some amazing merchandise to auction off.

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Billy Joel On 'We Didn't Start the Fire'

"I'm glad a lot of people actually know the lyrics to that one. I'm always afraid that I'm going to forget one word and them the whole thing is going to unravel. So what I always do is look down and watch these people, 'Harry Truman, Doris Day Red China...' and I find somebody who knows the lyrics and I look at them for the whole song. And then I know that I won't forget because they know." Listen to the full song below!

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Billy Joel's Radio Days - 'Piano Man' Legacy Edition Reviewed By Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone's "Alternate Take" column has reviewed Billy Joel's "Piano Man" (Legacy Edition), relishing the second CD that features Billy's live performance on Philadelphia's WMMR in 1972. Read more at Billy Joel's Radio Days: Live on the Air in Philadelphia, 1972. Here is an excerpt:

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Billy Joel Has Reason To Be Happy - Newsday

Right now, Billy Joel is all about the present. He's happy to talk about his Oyster Bay motorcycle shop, 20th Century Cycles, or his upcoming master classes at colleges around the Northeast. He's happy about being named a "Steinway Artist" later this month, becoming the first pop artist ever to be counted among the masters who have their paintings hung in Steinway Hall.

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