Billy Joel: Kohuept


U.S. Release Date: October 14, 1987
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Prelude/Angry Young Man
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Goodnight Saigon
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Big Man on Mulberry Street
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Baby Grand
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An Innocent Man
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A Matter of Trust
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Only The Good Die Young
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Sometimes a Fantasy
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Uptown Girl
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Big Shot
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Back in the U.S.S.R.
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The Times They Are A-Changin


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Re: Kohuept

I have never seen the melody called "Odoya" before. It reminds me about "Ut√łya"; "Out-island". What does Odoya mean? It is a place? Where can I listen to it, and how? Are there any lyrics to the melody, or is it only instrumental?

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Great Album, a nice shelf topper


I just bought this record today at my record store in montreal ( they had it for 6 bucks ) and it's in really awsome condition. If you happen to find this album, buy it, or downlad it, because it is well worth a listen. MY favoutite parts of the album are side 2 and 4. I mean common, Side 2 has has stiletto, Big Man on Mulberry Street and Baby Grand Back to back, wich is great, while side 4 has Sometimes a fantasy, Uptown Girl, Big Shot, Back in The U.S.S.R., and the times are a'changing.

Anyways, if you just happen to find this album, BUY IT. Weather it's on Record, Tape, or CD, I think that this album is well worth your money.

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Koncept Rocks!


I think this is the best live album personally - I think maybe because it was the first one I got. I love the Millinum concert, and 12 Gardens; but what make s The russian concert so great is how he does Stiletto, Big Man and Baby Grand - 3 of his most awesome songs right there back to back. He's over the top and that's exactly when he is at his best. I love it!!
Plus I think that it's cool that he starts it with the Russian Odoya, at first I wasn't sure what that was, but I thinkit's great that he tried to learn their culture, not just go there to entertain. And I like actually hearing the translations when he speaks. I knew a little russian, then I learned a little more when listening to this album. I'm a geek, but so what I still love Billy Joel's Music!

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