What are pink sidewinders?

What are pink sidewinders?

''How about a pair of pink sidewinders
And a bright orange pair of pants''

huge debate... are they sandles? it it a way of tying your shoes?

i figure if anyone is going to know, it has to be billy fans...
if not, i'm thinking about asking the man himself!

please help me settle this!


sidewinders are a casual shoe. the original vans skate shoe a slip on with no laces.

Pink sidewinders are a style of socks, and they are also a style of shoe (dancing). They are not sandals Though they "could be."

YES please has anyone ever google image the pink sidewinders??? u dont really get anything clothes related ive asked my mom my dad and a friend no one knows the only thing ive found on it is that its a way to tie ur shoes

If you are going to ask him about pink sidewinders take the time to also ask about a new album and when he is next coming to the UK
Then post the answers here


"It's about joy that comes out of sorrow"

mos def a sandle...but I mean if you can just call Billy up then why not? ask!
UMGD Intern

I believe he's referring to a type of sandal.

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