UK tour

UK tour

Billy on behalf of all fans in the UK please please come back and put on an even better tour than the last. I went twice in the last 2 weeks of the tour and it wasn't enough! So come on put a smile back on peoples faces over here and announce a tour!!


come on billy you have to come back to the UK
last time you were here you went to glasgow and my mam and dad didn't take me so i want to go by myself and get my own back and see the best live performer around today. Sing us some songs piano man.

In echoing these sentiments, I would just like to add that Liverpool (ahem, home of The Beatles) has a new Arena and Conference Centre (ACC Liverpool aka Echo Arena) which can accommodate 11,000.

So, if Mr Joel ever wanted to play in the home city of The Beatles to a big audience, he can now do so.

Unsubtly yours,

Andrew Eye-wink

The new Billy Joel Elton John 2010 Face to Face tour dates are being posted on the Elton John fan website. 14 July Pittsburg 21 and 24 July Boston see

I agree - wholeheartedly! there are so few artists out there with the ability to inspire passion and love for music like Billy Joel. I have loved your music for over 20 years, since I was a teenager and saw you for the first time at your last UK Tour. Your command of the audience was jaw-dropping. You had us in the palm of your hand - what a lovely place to be!! Smiling please please tour the UK & Ireland again, you are very much missed.

A UK tour would be great, make sure if you do come, stop by Scotland.


Thanks to Jools from April for ticketmaster advice, I'll check that out --

Come on Billy, you need to come back to the UK. I've seen you several times and had tickets for your last tour with Elton when you got sick and had to cancel. Please come back to London so that we can see what we mised.

yes you should really come back to the uk because we all want to see you because you are amazing its not like there isnt enough people to buy tickets and elton goes over to america and you are much better than him so please please please please please please come back

yes i would really love it if billy came to the uk becuase i am a 14 year old boy who has loved him for two years now and has all most all of his albums and special editions and have wanted to see him live more than anything

I'm a huge fan Billy, have been since i was a small child
Grew up listening to Piano Man and New York State of Mind...gotta thank my parents for getting me into your music.
Saw your gig last time you played in Glasgow in Scotland and on The River Of Dreams tour.
Please please please please please please!! Come back to Scotland and play again....
"Sing us a song you're the piano man sing us a song tonight, cause we're all in the mood for a melody and you've got us feelin alright"
I think that says it best Smiling

I've seen Billy in the UK every tour since 1988 and each time he gets better so, come on back Billy, Elton goes over to the USA regularly, so how about a bit of reciprocation?

If you click on the Ticketmaster icon on this page it will take you to the Ticketmaster site where you can find a button that you can use to request an artist to come to a city near you. A couple of us have requested BJ in London. I don't know if it will do any good, but it's worth a try.


"It's about joy that comes out of sorrow"

Hi Billy, on reading the other messages, I see it's not just me...most of the UK is desperate for you to come back. I've grown up on the stranger album but I've not seen you live, I know there are many other ordinary fans like me who'd love that chance too. I hope you'll come to the UK and to Glasgow. Thank you. (Mama Leoni, left a note on the door, saying...'Billy, come out, to our country!')

Uk tour is a must. I went to Sheffield and it was the best experience ever.


I agree please come back to the UK. The last tour was totally brilliant!

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