New Album?

New Album?

I been hearing rumors that a new album is coming(OMG did I say that)? Now I dont know if its with elton or solo? Anyone hear anything>


I think we'd all love a new pop-rock album from Billy, but what about another classical album as well? That's where his heart seems these days. I enjoyed F&D and wouldn't mind some more if he definitely not making any more pop. Hope he has a great recovery as well.

I think it comes down to the fact that he has no confidence in his Hitmaking power anymore! Unlike many old diinosaurs who write songs for the sake of writing songs, and then whether they sell or not, is irrelevant, Billy NEEDAS his release to be a BIG HIT I think he's very insecure about having a failure, althouh to us loyal f.ans NOTHING new nwould be a ffailure,I think ALL MY LIFE AND CIF were good songs, and I think he could write a great album now if he stopped being a little pussy!

Joel's way underrated and has spent too many years trying to find love among the glitterati when he's a guy who should be settling down with real people. With his talent he should write non stop as evidenced by his repertoir and range. The guy can pen a mean ballad, cool do wop, anthem rock and even classical. But how many times can you reinvent yourself without returning to your roots? After a while it becomes a parody the way it did with Bobby Darin. These are hurtful times we're living in that call for meaningful tunes that just aren't being written anymore by anyone. Joel needs to lose himself in message or torch songs. Rock may be fun for kids who like to party and haven't lived much yet. But serious songs that come from the heart are timeless and live forever.

No new album since 1993 is truly a big let down from this BJ fan. He has such talent. What a waste of talent not to record an album. I feel let down as a true fan.

i am PRAYING for a new album that would be amazing!
UMGD Intern

I am not sure.
I have heard rumors about a new album but rumors are rumors. Billy is very strange with his music. I am not sure if he will make another album.

The 12 year old Billy Joel fan


I personally liked All My Life better than Christmas In Fallujah, though both are great. I think Sir Joel could write some more rock tunes, but he doesn't want to do anything terrible that could potentially soil his career. I don't think he could, but it may be a thought in his mind.

The issue with Billy and Elton not writing together is simple:

Billy writes music first. Elton writes music based on lyrics. There is no way the two could write together based on their styles. Now, they could definitely write their own music separately and record together, but don't see that happening.

Elton continues to write, but Billy continues to say he's done writing rock.

Yep, I agree. Why get others to write for them?
BJ wrote CIF, so he still has the ability to write a great song.
Elton has released a new album this century, so he has still got it as well.
I have to admit that when I heard All My Life I thought BJ had lost it. I think it is awful,like something destined to be played in lifts around the world, but Christmas in Fallujah is great.


"We're thinking about recording three songs together," John told Pop & Hiss on Tuesday. "Definitely not our own songs, or oldies, but we're interested in getting some people to write new songs for us. I've got Raphael Saadiq and Nile Rodgers working on something, so we're booking some time to go into the studio and record."

Seems strange that two of the great songwriters of the second half of the 20th Century would get others to write for them, but whatever...

No Nothing.
But it would be nice.


Good lord! I think we're all praying for a new BJ album.

I became a fan with his last popular music release in '93, River of Dreams. Since then I've spent countless nights searching the net for leads on new material. There was even a time a few years ago when Fox reported that John Kalodner had been assigned by Columbia to work with Billy on a project.,2933,64635,00.html

..and of course there have been a smattering of actual interviews with Billy where he’s indicated that he’s working on new music and hasn’t ruled anything out.

From the NY times:
I think people want me to recreate something that they liked before, say, ''Scenes From,'' you know, ''an Asian Restaurant'' [laughs] or ''Piano Man II.'' I don't want to do that. I hate repeating myself.
People who just know Billy Joel from top-40 hit singles may not like me, and I can't say I necessarily blame them. I don't think that really represents the sum and substance of my work. I think a lot of my hits were almost novelty songs. ''Uptown Girl'' was a joke. So was ''Tell Her About It'' -- that was my take on the Supremes. Even ''Piano Man'' was a wacko song. I mean, people thought it was Harry Chapin. But as long as it was a hit, that was all the record company cared about.
When I wrote my last song, which is called ''Famous Last Words,'' I really meant, ''These are the last words I have to say.'' But I gave myself an out. I said, ''Before another age goes by.'' I left the door open to write songs again. And I may. I'm not saying I definitely will. But I'm not saying I won't.

Here’s to Keepin’ the Faith!
I can’t wait to see Face to Face in Albany.

As someone who does creative writing, I know writers block happens and it can happen for years. Billy especially is not the kind of writer who just sits down and forces himself to write. Songs come to him in dreams. He also writes in the studio. He probably has some "forced" stuff that really isn't very good. He knows that only his die hard fans will show any interest. But even his diehards hated "All My Life." Who wants to continue to write if your own fans think your work sucks. He put his heart and soul into "F&D" and all he could get were people saying "oh where is the R&R and why didn't he play on it himself?" If I had that kind of fan response, I would be done as well.

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